Elizabeth Strickland Unterzuber

A Gallery


This gallery is dedicated to some wonderful moments.

Hanging with her favorite driver.

Ships at
Jamestown Festival

A decent snowfall for NC.

A cruise on Carnival's
oldest cruise ship.

37th birthday party.

Dinner with the family.

After-dinner coffee.

Another dinner at the
Melting Pot.

Heading out to the
Ocracoke Island marshes
in Silver Harbor.

Somewhere in
the Bahamas.

A wedding picture.

Graduation Day at
Glade Valley School.

Formal dinner on a Caribbean cruise. (Check the braids!)

Husband and niece.

At the Bull & Finch in Boston
during a live TV remote.

In the Bahamas with a Red Stripe.

Graduation Day good-bye
at Glade Valley School.

A giraffe! Her
favorite animal.

The marshes at Ocracoke at
twilight when the birds
return to roost.

On the maiden cruise of the CCL Conquest.

Birthday party with
niece and nephew.

Fondue again!

On the ferry to
Ocracoke Island.

Opening gifts at the
wedding reception.

Birthday celebration at our
favorite fondue restaurant.

34th birthday.

Who's that cutie standing
around in Williamsburg?

Heading west out "The Ditch"
on Ocracoke to watch the birds.

"Can I get my picture
taken with your oxen?"

A "Weekend Out"
with her best friend.

Christmas with her niece
and sister-in-law.

At Fort Fisher, Atlantic
Beach, NC.

At Elizabeth Ave.
in Nassau.

On the beach
at Ocracoke Island.

Feeding the "flying rats".

Hanging around on Pilot Mountain, NC.

Playing with the dolphins
at Dolphins Plus, Key Largo.

Big smiles on
the beach.

Love taps from the dolphins

With Zoney.

The ring.

A "Weekend Out" in
a rented convertible
at the beach.

With new friends and Birta
on a Caribbean cruise.

Horsing around.

A friendly "howdy-do"!

Fighting over the
curling iron?

With Zoney on the back deck.

Being more formal.

all three are fake!

More fun at "Cheers"
with a cameraman!

A 37th birthday.

Wedding reception cake.

A limo ride
on a friend's birthday.

Formal once again.

At the
Elizabethan Gardens.

Trying out some
whitewater rafting.

With a high school
friend at Glade Valley.

Making the first cut.

Elizabeth and Kile.

With her niece and
new sister-in-law.

On the beach in
Delaware with a flautist.

Cruising in 1992. Where
did the leis come from?

Proud parent
at graduation!

Another proud parent
at graduation!

A rare limo ride.
(Note the "Members
Only" jacket.)

They keep making
us dress up!

Glamour Shot.

Another Glamour Shot.

Elizabeth passed away on September 20, 2006, after a courageous three-year battle with a malignant brain tumor.
Her bright smile and personality live on in the memories of her friends, relatives, and co-workers.

Hospice of Wake County was of great comfort to Elizabeth and to her family and friends. Please remember her with your support of their programs at Hospice of Wake County, 1300 St. Mary's Street, 4th Floor, Raleigh, NC 27605.

If you want to correspond with me, Id be happy to oblige. Just send mail to me.